The winners of the recently concluded Sinagfest Asian Film Festival

Best Director:
Kelvin Tong - Kidnapper (BANG FEI)

2010, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, 98 min., Singapore.  A taxi driver’s son is mistakenly abducted in place of a rich man’s child, setting off a brutal, thrilling cat & mouse game as the desperate cabbie tries to raise the ransom before time runs out.  But halfway through, fate throws an unexpected twist, and the driver suddenly finds himself crossing the line between good and evil in an attempt to save his own son.

Emerging Filmmaker:
Peter Jin - Portrait Of Leonore

Korean-American filmmaker & artist Jin’s surprising “autobiographical fiction” looks at his own tangled family history through his interactions with the older sister he never had named “Leonore”.

Also a selection from LA Shorts Festival. A film by Peter Jin.

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Sonny Chiba

With over 140 film and television appearances to his credit, Sonny Chiba is – alongside the equally legendary Bruce Lee – arguably the greatest martial arts star in film history.  Best known to U.S. audiences for his career-making performance as bone-crunching anti-hero “Terry Tsurugi” in the 1974 Asian action classic THE STREETFIGHTER directed by Shigehiro Ozawa, Chiba gained a whole new generation of fans with his delightful performance as sushi chef and master swordmaker “Hattori Hanzo” in Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 KILL BILL: VOL. 1.

Please join us in celebrating the career of this legendary actor, featuring a screening of Chiba’s action-packed 1981 film SAMURAI REINCARNATION (MAKAI TENSHO)where Chiba stars as the one-eyed master samurai Jubei Yagyu going up against a demonic undead swordsman and his legions of evil followers.  (Jubei Yagyu was a role Chiba played in the long-running late 1970′s Japanese TV series “Yagyu Ichizoku No Inbo,” as well as the feature SHOGUN’S SAMURAI.)

One of Chiba’s personal favorites, SAMURAI REINCARNATION was directed by his longtime friend, legendary BATTLE ROYALE director Kinji Fukasaku; their collaboration stretched back to Fukasaku’s very first film as director in 1961 in which a young Chiba co-starred!